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We browse through a wide variety of coverages and find the right one for you.

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We browse through a wide variety of coverages and find the right one for you.

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We browse through a wide variety of coverages and find the right one for you.

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We browse through a wide variety of coverages and find the right one for you.

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Customer Ratings & Reviews for ECI Agency Inc

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Great local agency - Alexandria was so nice to work with! Definitely recommend.

I cannot get over how nice and helpful your office is!! I greatly appreciate your sweet, willing attitudes!!

I have my home and auto insurance with ECI and they have consistently provide prompt, professional customer service at competitive rates. Thank you and keep up the great work!

Thank you Connie for all the help that you have given us, and I know that we have had A LOT of request lately!! You have been so professional and quick on responding to all of our needs!

Thank you Connie! Connie is always ready to help out with any questions or concerns we may have about our policy and coverage. She was very helpful recently when we had a hail claim. Connie and the team at ECI is fantastic.
Greg & Michelle Peters, Piedmont, OK
We have worked with Connie at EIC for 4+ years and have always received great service! She is knowledgeable, quick to respond, and takes the time to answer any/all questions we have about our homeowners and car insurance. I feel confident in Connie and would recommend her and the ECI agency.

Thank you Connie for all your help! You have done a great job for me!

After a couple of years of rising premiums, I contacted Connie to see if she could help. She not only saved us $208 but also found us better coverage. Thank you, Connie!

Thank you so much for all your help and for your diligence in monitoring my insurance package!

Thanks for all your help as always!

Stephanie, I cannot thank you enough for all of your hard work. It is much appreciated.

Thank you Connie! You are so helpful and willing to answer all my questions on my boat policy! You go above and beyond to make sure I am informed about all my coverages! Thank you again!!!

Thank you for doing this in such an expeditious manner. I'm very impressed as I have always been with ECI.

As a subcontractor, our office relies on ECI to provide Certificates of Insurance to our general contractors for jobs we are contracted to do. Occasionally, because of the requirements of some contractors, this process can be a challenge. Whether the request is a simple one, or a complicated one, we have always found Dana at ECI to be a great help in satisfying these requests. She is readily available to assist in any way that she can, and responds quickly to provide whatever information we are in need of.

Thank you for always being so cheerful on the phone and so helpful.

I have been so impressed by each staff member I have had any correspondence with at ECI. It has been a great pleasure working with Kara. I had been looking to see where we could save some money on our insurance rates with our home insurance. Kara was so diligent and quick to get back with me with lower rates to save us money. Then she went above my expectations and looked at our other policies through ECI and was able to save us more money. She did a great job of explaining how and why we could save money as well, not just cutting back services if we were truly in need of them. The service from ECI shows how much they care about the satisfaction of their customers. I am always open to refer friends to ECI and also take comfort that they are a Dave Ramsey endorsed Local Provider.

My recent experience in getting insurance with ECI was made extraordinary thanks to Connie Huffman. She was very responsive, got me the best deal, and was very polite and courteous as well. I will definitely be recommending Connie and ECI to other people in the future.

Thank you so much! You have a great team of ladies there and I really appreciate the hard work ya'll do for our company.

Stephanie please know that I know - you as well as other members of your team go above and beyond to make my life easy and I sincerely appreciate it!

Kara was so great in helping us get insurance for our new house. We were lost in the process and would forget to respond to her, but she had our backs and followed up to insure we made our deadlines.

We really appreciate Kara making suggestions. In all the years, no one has ever said these could have been an option. We've been paying more premiums all the time. So, thanks again.

I called Kara needing an immediate quote for homeowners. In fact we needed quote and insurance within 2 days on a newly constructed home. ( We had been surprised to learn than our closing could be moved up as long as our insurance was in place.) Kara got us an immediate quote. She went above and beyond by finding out how we could save even more by bundling our homeowners and auto insurance. We were so excited to move, and her service was beyond excellent. She was able to do what we thought impossible. We are forever greatful!

After being with another carrier for over thirty years, Kara Anderson found the same coverage for both my house and auto but at a lower rate. Thanks Kara, and God Bless.

Stephanie! Thank you for searching for better rates and coverages for our church. We appreciate your service to us! You have always been very helpful!

I believe ECI provides the best customer service you can expect and that is invaluable. They provide a quality product which is an example of Stephanie's excellent customer service.

Just wanted to say that Kara Anderson has been so helpful with some changes we needed to make in our insurance coverage. She was very detailed to follow up in every way and helped with what best fit our needs and not just the quickest. She has proven herself to be someone you can count on. Thanks Kara.

Stephanie, thank you so much. I always enjoy talking to you. You are cheerful and pleasant and very helpful. Have a blessed day! Kevin

I really like this company they work and get the paperwork, quotes, everything you need back as soon as possible. No dragging their feet with it. They do everything they can to save you money with the best possible insurance. They can help you on what you need or should have. Kara is who I have worked with and she has a great personality, helps in every way. Thanks for everything.

I would like to share my personal experience with switching my home and auto insurance to ECI. I had been with my previous insurance company for over 12 years and never would have thought I wasn’t properly insured. When my renewal came up and an agent called me and requested a meeting I knew something was wrong. During the meeting, I discovered I was so completely underinsured it was scary. I was so fortunate to meet Connie at ECI and have the opportunity to sit down with her and go over my current coverages and discuss what my coverage needs were and how much it would cost to get me there. Connie was so patient and answered all my questions. She showed me several options with reputable carriers and offered to make adjustments, if needed. Connie helped make the process of switching carriers very smooth. She is just the best! My goal was not necessarily to save a bunch of money. My goal was to be properly insured. Thank you, Connie!
Megan, El Reno, OK
Stephanie, thank you for all of your guidance and assistance in making the change to the new Affordable Care Act plan for our family. Your help in breaking everything down to terms that we could understand are greatly appreciated. Thank you for all of your hard work.

Stephanie is great even under pressure. We had to turn some quotes around in a very short period of time and Stephanie stayed cool under the deadline. She still took the time to explain the policy details and make sure we were informed. Thanks Stephanie!

Every year a company like mine finds itself involved in the stress of a couple of insurance audits. The bigger we grow the more subcontractors we use. Invariably, I find I have to make a call close to the date for a missed certificate of insurance. I am always astounded by the warm reception I receive when I ask for these pesky certificates. America has a good deal of really great insurance producers who go the extra mile to please callers like me. ECI Insurance is absolutely one of those producers! I got everything I needed today.....not tomorrow.....but today.....immediately after I requested it. If there were gold stars to be handed out certainly ECI would be proudly showing theirs off. I thank you so very much for making my day less of a burden tomorrow. Good job to all and best wishes for continued excellent service. Best regards, Deborah Hamm

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your help, Connie! Bless you!
Dustin, Oklahoma City, OK
It has been a great pleasure working with ECI! All of the employees are professional and courteous. They handle requests in a timely manner and are very detailed in the information they provide. As an insurance partner, I feel confident in saying that they are one of the best!

You guys are the best!

I am so appreciative for Nicole. She walks me through all of my coverages and I love that she is always there for me when I need her. It's such a good feeling to know that I can call her for any reason and it be like talking to a friend.

I am very happy with Dearborn!...It?s nice to have someone to contact and ALL the other information and feel like we will actually have a death benefit for the money we are paying!! I was so worried about our prior policy and glad we never had to use it!

I never thought I needed to carry work comp insurance until Stephanie explained fully how work comp would protect my company. I sleep better at night knowing that I am properly protected.

I am Michael Andruss.  I started a new company this year called, Select Electronic Security.  One of the major requirements I faced as a security systems contractor, was acquiring the needed business liability insurance.  I needed qualified help quickly.  I also needed an agency that would be customer-focused enough to help me with just what I needed, as cost-effectively as possible.  Scott Cornelius and Avery Johnson at the ECI Insurance Agency were recommended to me by a respected friend, so I called.  Their expert help to me in getting my business rolling has been extremely valuable.  They are friendly, concerned and responsive.  I would highly recommend ECI Agency to anyone for their insurance needs.

Nicole was very helpful in resolving an issue I had. There was a weird timing issue and paperwork got crossed in the mail. As it turns out, I had insurance on a home I no longer owned for an entire year. Nicole worked with the insurance company to get the issue resolved and get me a refund for the premiums paid.

ECI is an excellent insurance agency and a Dave Ramsey Endorsed Local Provider (ELP). They will work to give you the best possible options for insurance and they will be responsive to your needs and questions. Recently, I was in need of some help with our auto policy. Nicole Frantz was my CSR and she patiently walked me through our current policy and helped me make some needed updates. Her advice helped me to make the best and most economical insurance choice for my family. Thank you Nicole and all the folks at ECI what you do.

We have had a our own family owned and operated business for many years and over the last few years have moved all of our insurances, medical, homeowners, commercial auto, and general liability to ECI Agency. Scott and Avery patiently worked with us to educate us and help us understand our coverage and receive feasible rates with the best coverage and companies available. We could not be happier being a part of the ECI Agency family!

Stephanie I do appreciate your efforts in working with us on the Historical Society insurance and the ability to maintain and keep business in Piedmont. It is much appreciated and I know that at our next meeting I will comment during the meeting on how helpful you and ECI were in working with us and the society.

I want to commend you for the wonderful service you have provided to me today! You have certainly exceeded my expectations and gone above and beyond in providing excellent customer service. You have done an awesome job in finding the best insurance for the museum buildings and giving us a savings on the premium too! And you did all this in less than two days! And in our discussions I felt like you were looking out for our best interest. I feel like ECI is family since I have done business with you through Imperial PFS. It is really enjoyable to do business with you. Thanks again Stephanie for the superb service you have provided.

Denise, Dana and Jessica are the best as I am sure everyone else who works there is as well. Lately, we have been very needy as a customer and they know it's just me by my voice. I'm not sure if there are lower rates out there but I would use ECI because of the personal service we receive.

If [we] ever decide to go back to contracting we will be contacting you all.  ECI has been so helpful and everyone of you are so nice.  Thank you all for all the help you have given us. 

They have been amazing, they have ever ran quotes for us before we bought a car, so we could get the one with the best insurance!!!

We will be saving over $1500 this year by switching our home and car insurance - thank you!

ECI is the one stop shop for all of your insurance needs. With competitive prices and what is best for you and your family in mind attitude. These folks work real hard for you. I wouldn't shop anywhere else, plus they are a Dave Ramsey ELP.

ECI is an excellent insurance company and a Dave Ramsey Endorsed Local Provider (ELP). They have always worked to give us the best possible options for insurance and are always responsive to needs and questions.

ECI is a great company to do business with and I would recommend them to everyone for your total insurance needs. They are helpful, friendly and very knowledgeable about insurance.

I highly recommend ECI Agency. I refer all my clients who are in need of insurance to them. They are always prompt with competitive quotes.

ECI is a great agency! Fast, Affordable and Reliable!!!

ECI is a great agency! Everyone there is so helpful and wonderful to work with. They know their stuff!

I was referred to ECI from an elder of our church. I've been treated well, and the quotes I was given by ECI made me transfer all 3 our my vehicles and our house as well. I would recommend ECI to all of my friends and family.

Great Experience!. I don't normally write these reviews but I had such a good experience that I decided to tell everyone. When I was shopping for ECI, I went to their website and was able to get a quote online. I received a call and their agency and the Amanda took the time to explain what all of the coverages meant. They also shopped my account with several companies. I felt like I have the coverages that I need without the hassle. (Citysearch)

Insurance needs to be easy to understand and to give solid coverage so there's peace of mind that what you have and are using is adequate for your needs without breaking your bank. ECI is one of those companies. Scott didn't try and sell me every possible policy he could. He took my input and let me choose. That's solid help. I have had zero issues in my time with them. Simply by entering a review, I got a chance to win a $500 cash gift card!

ECI has been my company of choice for 5 years now, and I will never again go to another company. They always take the time to get exactly what I want, while suggesting things I may need and being courteous enough to explain why I may need them, and never have any problems answering my questions. From someone as analytical as myself, the questions can be slightly absurd from time to time, I assure you haha They're patient, kind, dedicated, and obviously not only enjoy doing what they're doing but also legitimately care for those whom they help insure. Their enjoyment is passed along to me every time I have the joy of speaking with them, and regardless of the situation I always know I'll be getting a good laugh out of it! I can honestly say I am proud to be one of their clients and that I share my feelings with all of my friends and family whenever possible.

ECI has been extremely helpful to myself and son in obtaining insurance. They are very patient and understanding, even when I ask what seems to be silly questions and they have answered in a very professional, courteous manner, plus in terms we understand. I highly recommend ECI to everyone for complete insurance needs. The service by all employees is exceptional and I thank them for the outstanding assistance to me and the community.

I have been a customer of ECI for several years. Their service has been exceptional. They give me options since they represent several companies. I highly recommend them for all of your insurance needs. Scott and all of the agents are great and do a fantastic job every year! Simply by entering a review, I got a chance to win a $500 cash gift card!!!!

ECI Agency has been a client of mine for almost 4 years. Over those years I have gotten to know Scott Cornelius very well. Scott and his staff of professionals are talented, hard working individuals who know how to create "raving fans"' They have invested in their business to make sure they they offer the best experience possible. They regularly go above and beyond for their customers. They regularly give back to their local community and their retention is is solid. I have had the pleasure of helping them grow their agency and developing a true lasting partnerhship. I would proudly recommend ECI Agency anytime without hesitation!

ECI has been taking care of all of my companies' commercial auto, liability, building, and worker's compensation insurance for the last 15 years. They are a company with integrity and I trust them to always make sure that I am fully covered with the least amount of premiums. I truly appreciate the way they run their business. Over these many years, Earnie and Scott have taken the time at every meeting to shake my hand and, with a true sincerity say "Thank you for your business." Over the years I have recommended ECI to many other company owners. And now, just for writing what I tell others anyway and simply entering a review. I got a chance to win a $500 cash gift card! Thank you, ECI.

I took a lot of time shopping for the right insurance company, “We have found Scott and Patti to be extremely knowledgeable and informative about our insurance needs. They have demonstrated outstanding customer service and have repeatedly gone above and beyond the call of duty to make sure my family and business is well taken care of.” I would recommend them and have several times. The friends always tell me that “They found what they needed and saved money too.”
Russell Cox, Vice-President, Cox's Contracting Services, Inc.
It is refreshing to work with ECI Agency because they always exceed my expectations!  From the moment I first contacted them, and with all my requests, they have had amazing customer service.  My agent, Patti Edwards, is extremely professional and truly cares about the concerns of her clients.  She has delivered every time, saving me money and provided me “first class” coverage specific to my needs.  I have and will continue to recommend friends and family to put their trust in Patti Edwards and ECI Agency.    
Tony Smith, Business Connections, Oklahoma City, OK
ECI Agency, where do I begin?  I first met the principals and staff at ECI in March 1999.  They were a client of the surety company I had recently gone to work for and were one of our leading producers.  I soon learned that if anyone at the agency told me something I could “take it to the bank”. 

Several years after first meeting Earnie, Denise and Scott and their wonderful staff my wife and I decided to relocate from Oklahoma City to south central Oklahoma.  Our old agent, that we had been with for over a decade was unable to provide us with the coverage we wanted at a reasonable price.  Having a good knowledge of the independent agents in the area we had moved to I opted to contact ECI, over an hour away from our new home, for a quote.  Within a half a day they had us a very good quote with the coverage’s, limits, deductibles and excellent pricing.  Each year we are contacted regarding our renewal and given breakdowns of where they have compared several companies to insure we are still happy with our policy.

I have encouraged anyone from our “neck of the woods” to call ECI anytime they become dissatisfied with their current agent. 

I have been a company representative in the insurance industry for over 12 years and have yet to hear a client or company rep have anything negative to say about the ECI Agency.

Give them a call or drop by their office; you will be amazed at the old fashioned service provided with great smiles in an extremely comfortable atmosphere.

Fred Barker, Oklahoma City
ECI Agency Inc received a rating of 5.0 out of 5 based on 59 reviews on IWantInsurance.com.
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