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  • Oklahoma has overtaken California as the most earthquake prone state in the continental United States
  • Before 2009, Oklahoma averaged two earthquakes per year with a magnitude of 3.0 or higher; in 2015, there were 907 
  • The USGS says Oklahoma earthquakes are here to stay
Most Oklahomans have experienced an earthquake in the past year. Many are experiencing them monthly or even more often. Earthquakes can cause a great deal of damage that won’t be covered under your typical homeowner’s policy. Are you sufficiently insured?

What Does Earthquake Insurance Cover?

An earthquake insurance policy covers home repairs or rebuilding costs due to earthquake damage and living expenses you might incur while your home is under repair. It can cover other structures not attached to your home like a garage, a fence, or a swimming pool and damage to personal property inside your home. Earthquake insurance is available even if you have previously experienced some minor earthquake damage and even if your home is located in an area currently experiencing temblors. Like all types of insurance policies, the coverage of earthquake insurance varies from one provider to another. ECI Agency is an independent insurance agency, representing more than 50 carriers. Our agents are trained to be knowledgeable of all our carriers’ offerings and customize the coverage that best protects your family’s home. For instance, many policies do not cover the cost of replacing exterior masonry on your home. You must select “Exterior Masonry Veneer” in your coverage if your home is made of brick or rock and expect it to be covered.

How Much Coverage Do You Need?

Consider that insuring your home for just its appraisal or loan value likely means that in the event of catastrophe, you will only have enough coverage to repay your mortgage holder and not enough to repair your home. The ideal policy provides the amount required to completely rebuild your home and large enough to cover your possessions inside your home.

How Much Will It Cost?

Earthquake insurance premiums are determined by factors including your home’s location, age, and construction, the estimated cost to rebuild your house and replace its contents, and the amount of deductible you agree to pay in the event you file a claim. Also, earthquake insurance deductibles work differently than a standard homeowner’s policy. For instance, you might have separate deductibles for the home, outside structures, for personal contents. Our agents will be sure you know all the deductibles you might face if disaster strikes.

Let ECI Agency Representatives Answer All Your Questions About Oklahoma City Insuring Your Home Against Earthquake Damage.

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