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ECI Agency Inc Blog: life insurance

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Millennials are individuals born between 1982 and 2004, according to The Atlantic. Individuals who are this age today are likely working. Many went to college and graduated. Some have a family right now. Many are thinking about buying homes, starting a business, or expanding their investments. READ MORE >>

Life insurance is a way to put away money to protect your family in the event of your death. Life insurance can help your family settle your estate and support themselves. However, it isn’t the only preparation that someone should make in the eventuality of their death. READ MORE >>

No one likes to talk about the possibility of death. Yet, it is something that will happen to everyone. As parents get older, it becomes more important than ever for them to have a frank conversation with their children about the financial components of death and dying. READ MORE >>

If you’re from the state of Oklahoma then you’ve probably heard the name Aubrey McClendon pass through a few or a lot of lips in passing conversation. After all, he was the leader of Chesapeake Energy which was, in its heyday, the 2nd largest U.S. natural gas producer. READ MORE >>

One of the many components of life insurance is burial coverage. While most people do not want to think about the costs associated with burial, it is a real factor to consider. Your loved ones will need to make these decisions if you do not do so. READ MORE >>

Well, everyone made it. You survived this Christmas if only with increasing just one notch on your belt loop. With that part of the holidays over, it’s on to the next one—The New year! With New Year’s just around the corner, this is the time that we all look over the past year and focus on the things maybe we’d like to improve, change, or abandon all together. READ MORE >>

It’s always a good time to buy life insurance, but many people don’t understand why they need it or why they should buy it. The most important key to buying life insurance is to buy that types that’s best suited for you, depending on what milestone you’re at in life. READ MORE >>

If you want to save money on your life insurance premiums, you'll need to make some lifestyle changes and preparations. The healthier you are, the lower your premiums are likely to be because there’s less of a chance of premature death. Follow these five tips to reap the savings. 1. Don't Delay READ MORE >>

Confession-I have stuck to my New Year’s resolution exactly one time. I was determined to lose 20 pounds and by hard work or the blessed miracle of me learning to give up sweet tea, I was able to do that plus some. I have failed more than I have succeeded, but that’s ok because I’ll have next year to try again. READ MORE >>

What do you think life insurance's primary purpose is? Many people relate this coverage to married couples raising children, a sort of financial cushion to leave behind so the family is able to continue making ends meet after a tragedy. However, the value of life insurance extends beyond the years of child-rearing and well into retirement. READ MORE >>

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