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ECI Agency Inc Blog: cyber liability insurance

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If you have haven’t heard of the craze that is Pokemon Go then chances that you live under a rock are 100 to none. In the first few weeks of being released, parks have been overrun with people glued to their phone trying to catch them all—all being the animated creatures that can be hunted virtually via the Pokemon Go app. READ MORE >>

You’re starting to hear the term cyber crime everywhere nowadays, on the news and the radio. Just this morning I saw a whole commercial about it on Hulu during my morning workout. We live in a cyber world and the way of fighting is just evolving. Instead of guns and trenches we now have computers and hackers. READ MORE >>

While planning for my wedding, there’s been so many different decisions to make. For most girls, probably the most important decision is the moment of being able to say yes to the dress.. There are hundreds of dresses to pick from. The bride ends up being zipped up, laced in, and fastened into dress after dress. READ MORE >>

If you’re not familiar with the name Ashley Madison by now, there’s a good chance that you’ve been living under a rock for the past week or so. No, Ashley Madison is not the girl next door. In fact, the question is not who is she, but what is it? READ MORE >>

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