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Lemons. Everyone has probably heard of that type of car. However, no one wants to get stuck with one. Lemons, either in the form of new or used cars, have significant defects that make them prone to break down. As a result, you might have to pour money and time into frequent repairs. READ MORE >>

I got a new computer about a week ago. With that comes nitty-gritty tasks of setting up all of the favorite pages, upgrading programs to a current version, and finally, my personal favorite, giving up on all of these tasks to watch Netflix. Before my binge of House of Cards began I did make some headway. READ MORE >>

Every time you hit the road in your vehicle, you face risks as a driver. No matter how good of a driver you are, there is always a chance that an accident could happen on the road. The best drivers stay aware of the potential for driving problems. This hazard awareness helps to increase your safety on the road. READ MORE >>

One of the keys to making your car last is to regularly maintain the vehicle. Regular maintenance can help keep the car in good shape. Maintenance also serves as a valuable safety barrier for the vehicle. If you aren’t having the car regularly serviced, critical systems could corrode. READ MORE >>

Thank you for calling ECI Insurance. Family owned and operated, we have proudly met the insurance needs of individuals and businesses throughout Oklahoma since 1964. Over the years, we have earned a reputation for our ability to match our clients with policies that offer the perfect combination of coverage, value, and service. READ MORE >>

Do you have flood insurance? It’s important to know that this type of financial protection is not commonly a component of home insurance. If you haven’t purchased a separate flood insurance policy, you’ll need to do that to protect your assets in instances of loss like this. READ MORE >>

If you have haven’t heard of the craze that is Pokemon Go then chances that you live under a rock are 100 to none. In the first few weeks of being released, parks have been overrun with people glued to their phone trying to catch them all—all being the animated creatures that can be hunted virtually via the Pokemon Go app. READ MORE >>

In May, one of the first to ever record himself in one of Tesla’s new self-driving vehicles has become the first human fatality of the autopilot feature. The victim was named as 40-year-old Joshua Brown whose name was not released upon an announcement from Tesla. READ MORE >>

Hail can be very damaging to a vehicle. In most situations, hail doesn't seem to be a big deal. You see it happening outside of your window, and it looks like small bits of snow. Then you hear it hitting against the metal of your vehicle. Ping, ping, ping ... shatter! READ MORE >>

Need a ride home from the airport? It’s easy with Uber or Lyft. Both business models entice regular drivers to enlist their own vehicles in a for-hire taxi service of sorts. Most personal auto companies prior to the Uberlution would not provide coverage while operating on a for-hire basis. READ MORE >>

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