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ECI Agency Inc Blog: 6_2014

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There’s a new fad that has started. I like to call it “the local fad.” Every mom and pop store has a buy local sticker on their window. You can walk into a corporate grocery store where they have started selling locally grown produce from local mom and pop farms. READ MORE >>

1. If you have a storm shelter, register its location with the City. Registering your shelter's location will let rescue workers know you have a shelter and where to find it if a disaster covers it with debris. Call the Action Center at 405 297-2535 to register your shelter. 2. READ MORE >>

Motorcycle insurance is mandatory nationwide. Accidents happen. Insurance covers you and the people (and properties) who share the road. Not to mention, insurance for your bike is a must to save it from unexpected disasters. Unfortunately, motorcycle insurance can be expensive, so people always try to find ways to lower costs. READ MORE >>

I get this question at least five times every week, “Why is this so expensive?” or “What’s this going to cost me?”  We are not like car salesmen who know the price up front, in fact, we’re not like retail stores at all. READ MORE >>

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a thousand times: if you’re starting a business you’re going to need general liability insurance. But what does that mean? What protection does it afford?  How do you determine your coverage needs?  How does it work? Read on. READ MORE >>

If you’re on the fence as to whether or not to purchase flood insurance, consider the following five reasons to purchase it sooner rather than later: Most Common Natural DisasterFlooding is the most common natural disaster in the United States and worldwide. READ MORE >>

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