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ECI Agency Inc Blog: 11_2014

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With Thanksgiving just hours away, everyone in our office is preparing for a wonderful holiday with their families and friends, just like you. If you are put in charge of cooking then you know just how stressful Thanksgiving can be. With that much stress already in force, there is no need for anything else to add to it. READ MORE >>

Running a restaurant is no easy feat, with an assortment of employees to manage, patrons to please and long hours of operation. With so many facets of restaurant ownership, it's hard to oversee everything at all times, which can leave your business open to vulnerabilities. READ MORE >>

It’s that time of year again. You can drive down the street and see the beginning traces of Christmas quickly approaching. Most stores have their decorations up and gift shopping is in full swing. If you’re super organized then you’ve probably even already bought your turkey. READ MORE >>

What do you think life insurance's primary purpose is? Many people relate this coverage to married couples raising children, a sort of financial cushion to leave behind so the family is able to continue making ends meet after a tragedy. However, the value of life insurance extends beyond the years of child-rearing and well into retirement. READ MORE >>

Math was not my favorite subject in school. 1+1 should always equal 2 in my opinion, but the older I got, sometimes 1+1 equaled ABC and sometimes it equaled DEF. Either way, most of the time for me it equaled IDK. Since insurance is a numbers game, I had no choice but to become good at it. READ MORE >>

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