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I got a panicked called one Saturday afternoon from a client. He had just gotten a call that a house he had built for some friends had flooded due to some faulty work done in the bathroom. Needless to say he was in a complete tailspin. As we talked through it, he mentioned that he had subcontracted the plumbing work to a buddy of his. READ MORE >>

It’s finally time. You’re purchasing that business that you’ve always dreamed about owning. Maybe you’ve been a partner in the business for a long time and you’re taking it over, or maybe you and your buddy are finally starting that dream business you’ve always wanted. READ MORE >>

Picture this: you and your three siblings grew up on a local farm. Your parents are still living and want nothing more than for it to continue on in the family name, but there’s one problem—you’re the only one that is still working the farm. READ MORE >>

Isn’t falling in love grand? Valentine’s Day is the epitome of when we think of all the butterflies and things that make love so great. Falling in love changes everything in your life, including insurance needs. That is especially true for couples that plan to take the ultimate plunge and get engaged or married. READ MORE >>

A few years after I purchased ECI Agency, we began facing significant cashflow challenges. The economic downturn had just happened, and the bonuses we were used to receiving from the umbrella partnership we were a part of had stopped coming. READ MORE >>

We’ve all heard the stories from ancient years past: the king dies and out of nowhere comes a lost heir to the throne ready to take on his rightful claim. Though heirs coming out of the woodwork claiming right to the family home might seem like something straight out of a fairy tale, it does happen. READ MORE >>

Any major life event has the ability to send a shockwave through your life — especially a divorce. While Insurance matters may not seem important next to the emotional turmoil that comes with the difficult decision to end a marriage not doing so could have major consequences. READ MORE >>

Avery with ECI discusses what professional insurance is. Professional insurance is also known as E&O, errors and omissions insurance or medical malpractice insurance. Professional insurance is going to cover you and your business for doing professional acts. READ MORE >>

Cody, with ECI Agency, taking on your questions today. Today's question is, what do you do if you're involved in a car accident? The first thing you need to do is call 911. Mainly because this provides a documented report of your accident to your insurance companies to review. READ MORE >>

This is Brandy from ECI, and today's question is what is the difference between an employee and a subcontractor. An employee is someone who works exclusively for you; they're on your payroll, they can drive your company car, they can wear your uniform. READ MORE >>

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